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New blog

So, I have started a new website again. Maybe I'll actually create some blog posts this time, maybe not… Some of the content will be available in Norwegian, some will be in English, and some will be available in both languages. I intend on bringing over most of the old website, especially the gallery, but it'll likely take a while before I get around to doing that. So in the mean time, you can enjoy my photo gallery on the old site.

My old website, while still running fine is starting to get quite out of date software wise. I wanted to use a static site generator this time around, to decrease the hosting complexity by removing the need for an always running database and application server.

This new website, while still much work is needed to fine-tune and get it working just like I want it, only requires a HTTP server to serve the files. I've decided to go with Nikola, because it seems really flexible and extensible, and has some nice batteries-included things such as Jinja2 templates and Markdown support.